BMW Unveils Its Vision Next 100 to celebrate centenary

German manufacturer BMW Group is celebrating its centenary year by unveiling future looking shape-shifting car with artificial intelligence concept, the first of which in this kind of tech. By all relieved pictures and videos it looks like, it’s one of the most terrific concept cars that BMW ever conceived.


If, as a designer, you are able to imagine something, there’s a good chance it could one day become reality,

said BMW’s design chief Adrian van Hooydonk.

So our objective with the BMW Vision Next 100 was to develop a future scenario that people would engage with.

According to BMW, the concept can able to understand and alter itself on driver’s desire and habits, not only tweaking the suspension or switching off the traction control, but in physically altering the car itself on the go depending driver’s performance.

Unlike concepts released before,the vision vehicle doesn’t look like that can’t be made compared to our current road vehicles. These vehicles have 800 moving triangles, which are set into the instrument panel and fitted to the side panels on the outside.


The video also show us “Boost” and “Ease” modes, which is self-driving and human driver assist modes, respectively. The steering is modified from old round shape view to a thin rectangle with handles that reacts with a dashboard screen over the driving. The cover also changes its color when there is expected danger.

Another feature called Alive Geometry alters the driver of ahead dangers in the road, both static and moving objects (like a biker crossing your path).

The most insane idea of all of this is named “Companion“. As the name tells it learns about the user and eventually perform the routine works and give advice and also moves depending on car’s current mode. Sensors detect the owner’s approach and automatically open the wing doors.

BMW has built of model of the car to show how it might look in reality. The exterior of the vehicle is copper colored and features large wheels positioned at the outer edges of the body.

The vehicle will tour the world as a public display, visiting China in May, London in June and the U.S. in October.


Source : bmw-concept-car

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